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  MIS believes in knowing you as a company - not an account.  Our dedicated sales team wants to show you in person the difference we will make.  With our years of experience, strong certified tech support team, and close relationships with today's largest hardware and software companies, we not only pass along savings but service unmatched by any other reseller. Contact your only dedicated sales team today and begin your company's technological revolution. 


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  At what point does your PC turn from an asset into a liability? In PC years, three can be a lifetime. Keeping a desktop or a notebook PC just one year longer can mean higher maintenance costs and more downtime. According to a study by IDC, ďAn institution can stretch the replacement cycle only so far and then it starts to cost itself money, in both hard dollars and opportunity costs."

With customers worldwide, we can offer your product to more sources and in greater volume.  Contact us today to find out how we can increase your products visibility.

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