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Sell All Major Brands of Hardware and Software
MIS is proud to not only have the top software and hardware corporations in the world as partners, but also to provide their products to our customers at competitive prices and in large quantities.  From Symantec to Sony - DLink to Dell - InFocus to IBM; MIS Computer provides your company with all levels of technology backed by our post sales services on every purchase.

Free Warehousing
Many of our customers take advantage of warehousing their Dell equipment at MIS Computer to avoid the build-to-order lead time.  By storing all of your purchased hardware, at no charge, MIS offers an alternative to organizations with limited space.  Protect your company's productivity and investment with systems available and accessible the same or next day.  With zero down time - you will be back in business quickly and efficiently.

Creating a contoured network of computers and servers can only be accomplished through identical software and OS systems.  Gone are the worries of incompatibility and maintenance issues while replaced with an increase in productive and consistent environments.  Our sales team and tech department will work with you in order to create the right image for your business. 

Asset Tagging
MIS provides asset tagging services in order to maintain a record of information for insurance and technical purposes.  Not only does it help control your assets by providing visual reminders of service contracts or lease agreements, it serves as a step to increase security and theft along with data recovery.  It's your asset, why not document and identify it?

Buy Back of Major Brand Name Equipment
With a refresh of equipment every three to four years, MIS offers competitive prices and services to buy back and remove your brand name equipment.

Refurbished Equipment
With a warehouse of refurbished servers, computers, monitors, printers, accessories, and more - we can provide your business with discounted units at a fraction of the price.

Equipment Rental
MIS Computer rents all major brand computer equipment for short and extended periods of time including but not limited to servers, desktops, projectors, notebooks, and storage equipment.    We also provide equipment for training classes and seminars including imaging, delivery, setup and removal.

Major Projects
Every business has a plan to grow - to increase productivity and streamline the work environment.  But all projects require product knowledge and support.  MIS prides itself on supplying your company with the foundation and follow-through on every project.  From a corporate-wide computer and software refresh to creating an up to date network environment, we will be with you every step of the way.

Warranty Tracking
Equipment and software are slaves to the upward ramp of technology.  By tracking your warranty, MIS can inform you when when upgrades are possible while saving your organization time and money.

Leasing your equipment gives your organization an edge over technology by providing an earlier product refresh.  MIS helps provide or work with some of the best competitive leasing programs to help your organization succeed.

Product Evaluations
Before any major projects and rollouts, MIS can provide your organization with evaluation equipment to not only demonstrate the hardware, but compare products.

Product Road Maps
Planning the direction of your company's technology equipment is a necessity these days.  MIS will offer you multiple routes to take in order to not only stay ahead of the curve but save money as well.

On Site Technicians Locally and Nationally
Our technical support team begins when all other companies quit, by providing around the clock support on all of your products.

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  At what point does your PC turn from an asset into a liability? In PC years, three can be a lifetime. Keeping a desktop or a notebook PC just one year longer can mean higher maintenance costs and more downtime. According to a study by IDC, ďAn institution can stretch the replacement cycle only so far and then it starts to cost itself money, in both hard dollars and opportunity costs."  Unwire your business.  Enhance business security.  Increase productivity.  Reduce cost. Many consultants and outsourcing companies look for good vendors with whom they can work.  Independent consultants as well as outsourcing companies enjoy working with  MIS Computer because we work hard, offer competitive prices and are available to do quotes and research well into the evening (consultants tend to work late).  In addition to working with several independent consultants MIS Computer works with Computer Sciences Corp (CSC), Greenbriar & Russel and All Bases Covered to name a few.  If you are interested in working with us please call us at 773-772-1200 x305.
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