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Heads Up FD

• Is your staff practicing PCI and HIPAA compliant behavior when accessing the private, confidential data of your database, staff, clientele or patients?

• Did you know that breaches in PCI and HIPAA security compliance can cost organizations subtantial fines or worse?

• Are your front desk computer workstations secure from prying eyes?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of these questions you need security and ease of use. That’s where HeadsUp FD comes in.

Anywhere staff must quickly and securely access their unique Windows® Desktop, HeadsUp FD eliminates the need to manually re-enter passwords by automating the login/logout process with the quick and convenient “tap” of a proximity badge.

HeadsUp FD’s “tap-in” and “tap-over” user workflow elegantly promotes compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other security guidelines.

Whether at the front desk area, exam rooms, board rooms, or anywhere in the organization computers are shared, HeadsUp FD helps users spend less time interacting with their computer allowing more time for the care of patients.

Call MIS Computer Corp to schedule an appointment to demo HeadsUp FD at 888-647-2667.