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A Full Service Provider

MIS is a full service IT solutions provider for remote and on-site installation and support. More often than not your organization needs additional help when renewing assets for today’s demanding networking needs. Our certified technical staff provides a complete suite of services and monitoring tools including:

• hardware upgrades
• network maintenance
• large software upgrades
• virus detection and removal
• physical inspection
• imaging

• server configurations

• data recovery

• system rebuilds

• equipment testing

• system and accessory cleaning
• pc rollouts
• network upgrades
• system planning
• equipment setup

Our staff has received multiple certifications for software and hardware including Cisco, CNE, A+, Lenovo, HP, Dell and more while continuing training on new programs and devices in an effort to always be ahead of technology for our clients.

MIS defines itself as a service oriented company. Therefore, our in-house technical service offerings are highly integrated with project and sales support. With over twenty years of experience supporting the requirements of major organizations, MIS has the knowledge to identify conflicts before hardware or software is recommended. MIS also provides on-line technical support to assure that the highest level of service is offered.